Like most people, you’ve probably attempted to remove stubborn ear wax by yourself by using cotton buds or at-home ear wax removal kits. Ear wax build-up can be frustrating, painful and annoying – and many of us think that the DIY approach is the best solution when we have a build-up of earwax. However, if you’ve been considering this then you should think twice; we understand the temptation to take matters into your own hands, but trying to remove ear wax by yourself can actually do more harm than good.

We have put together this post to explain why at-home ear wax removal is not the way to go, and the potential risks involved. To learn more, keep reading and to learn more about our safe and effective ear wax removal in the Rayleigh area – head over to our website today.

What Methods Do People Try to Use for At-Home Ear Wax Removal?

Having a build-up of wax in your ears can be very annoying, and you might think that you can get rid of it by yourself. However, by trying to remove your ear wax at home using DIY methods you can actually end up making the issue much worse.

With at-home ear wax removal, many people reach for the trusty cotton buds. If you’ve been thinking about doing this, we advise you to stop. Another way that people try to remove ear wax build-up by themselves is by using ear-wax removal kits, which can actually also be very harmful to your ears and hearing. 

Why Should you Not Remove Ear Wax By Yourself?

When people try to remove ear wax by themselves, it can actually cause a number of problems and put you in a worse situation than you were in when you started. Although cotton buds seem soft to the touch of our fingers, they actually have the potential to cause a lot of damage. By using cotton buds to try and remove your ear wax, you end up pushing the ear wax further down your ears causing a bigger and harder build-up of wax. 

Your ear canal is also a sensitive area, and if you push a cotton bud into your ear too hard you could instantly perforate your eardrum and that could be extremely painful and can result in permanent hearing loss. Ear wax removal kits can also end up damaging your ears and eardrums, which can result in permanent damage and hearing loss so should always be avoided.

What Common Signs Show you Might Need Professional Ear Wax Removal?

If you’re unsure as to whether you might need professional ear wax removal, then there are some common signs to look out for. If you have a feeling of fullness or a ‘plugged up’ feeling in your ears that makes them feel blocked and doesn’t go away, then this could be due to an earwax blockage. 

Additionally if you’ve been experiencing more headaches than usual as well as ear pain, it might be due to excess ear wax. Many people also experience hearing loss, either mildly or moderately when they have a build-up of wax and this can get worse if the wax is not removed. You might also feel a ringing sensation in your ears if you have excess hardened wax buildup.

Looking to Book Your Ear Wax Removal in Rayleigh?

If you feel you might have a stubborn build-up of ear wax in your ears that’s starting to cause you problems, then it’s worth visiting a professional. Here at The Hearing Hub, we have a range of state-of-the-art ear wax removal clinics dotted across London, Essex, and Berkshire. For those located in the Rayleigh area, our Benfleet clinic is ideally placed for you to visit us – less than a 10-minute drive away.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have an excess build-up of wax in your ears and the problems that it can cause you. Our highly trained audiologists have been removing stubborn ear wax for many years, and our ear wax removal procedures are quick, painless, safe and effective. We specialise in providing some of the leading methods of ear wax removal which include Microsuction, Irrigation, and Instrumentation. 
Ear wax removal does not take long to complete and is painless, so you can get back to enjoying your day with clean and healthy ears. If you’d like to book your ear wax removal appointment in Rayleigh at our Benfleet clinic, visit our website today. You can use our online booking tool to schedule your appointment, or alternatively, fill out our online contact form.