If you’re finding yourself reaching for the cotton buds to clean your ears, or the at-home ear wax removal kits – then please stop and resist using these methods. Attempting to clean your ears by yourself can cause a wide range of problems, from causing ear wax to build up deep in your ears and hardening, ear infections, and even leading to perforated ear drums and hearing loss.

Here at The Hearing Hub, we have put together this short post, to outline why trying to remove your ear wax at home is a bad idea and why you should leave it to a professional clinic. We are your local ear wax removal specialists, with a range of state-of-the-art clinics across Essex and London where we provide clients with professional and safe ear wax removal services.

Read on and for further information on our microsuction ear wax removal in Chelmsford please head over to our website today. 

Your Ears Naturally Clean Themselves

Many of us think that when we have ear wax in our ears, it means that we aren’t cleaning our ears properly, or that we are dirty and unhygienic. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as our ears naturally produce ear wax – also known as Cerumen – to keep our ears clean and healthy. Ear wax prevents dirt, dust and debris from entering our ears and is there to keep our ears and hearing as safe as possible.

It is normal to have a healthy amount of ear wax in our ears, as it’s there to keep them safe and usually it doesn’t cause us any issues. The best way to remove any excess ear wax from your ears is with a damp cloth after showering or taking a hot bath, by gently cleaning the outside of your ears to remove any excess wax. 

If you feel like your ear wax has built up over a healthy amount and is starting to cause you problems, it’s best to seek the advice from a professional who will be able to remove it for you to leave your ears feeling healthy again. 

You Can Push the Ear Wax Further Down Your Ears

If you are the kind of person that reaches for a cotton bud to clean your ear wax out from your ears, then you need to stop using them immediately. Cleaning our ears with cotton buds actually is one of the most harmful things that you can do to your ears, as it actually pushes the ear wax further down your ears causing further blockages.

You might think that you’re actually cleaning out the ear wax when you use a cotton bud, but as you are trying to clean your ears the cotton bud is just pushing the wax further down your ear canal. This can further block your ear canal, and can also lead to it getting impacted and potentially cause infections and hearing loss. If you think that your ear wax has excessively built up then visit a professional who can remove your wax safely and effectively. 

You Can Permanently Damage Your Hearing

One thing that many people don’t usually know is that by attempting to clean your ear wax by yourself, whether it’s with a cotton bud or an at-home ear cleaning kit, you can permanently damage your hearing. By pushing the ear wax further down your ears using cotton buds, you will be impacting the ear wax in your ears which can lead to hearing damage and loss that can ultimately be unrecoverable.

You could end up puncturing your ear drum also with a cotton bud which can cause serious injuries, infections and hearing loss. None of us want to end up with hearing damage from trying to clean our ears, so the best way to do it is to just gently clean the outside of your ears as we mentioned and if you think you have a build-up then book a professional ear wax removal appointment. 

Want Professional Ear Wax Removal to Leave Your Ears Feeling Clear?

Should it feel like you might have an ear wax blockage that is bothering you and needs removing by a professional, then it’s best to visit the experts and let them unblock your ears safely and effectively. We provide clients with safe, effective and professional ear wax removal from our clinic in Chelmsford

The gold standard method for ear wax removal is microsuction – which is where we use a gentle suction device to carefully remove the ear wax blockage from your ear canal, and leave your ears feeling clean, clear and healthy again. It doesn’t take long to complete, and is painless so you can be in and out of our clinic in no time, with no downtime needed. Our audiologists will be there to examine your ears, and determine the best ear wax removal method.

Our ear wax removal prices are £65 for both ears, and if we don’t find any earwax on examination then you only need to pay us £20 for your consultation. 

Book Your Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Appointment Today

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