Ear wax is a natural substance produced by the body to help protect the ears. While a certain amount of ear wax is beneficial, excessive build-up can lead to discomfort and hearing difficulties. However, it can be difficult to know when you should book an appointment for ear wax removal. In this blog, we have explored the symptoms that indicate you need to see an audiologist and why you shouldn’t overlook ear wax build-up. 

If you’re searching for an ear wax removal clinic near Stock, at The Hearing Hub we have two nearby. We offer ear wax removal in our Chelmsford clinic and Billericay clinic and we can examine the potential build-up of ear wax. Our audiologists are trained in all methods of ear wax removal and we can help you to look after your ears. If you’re wondering when to book an appointment for ear wax removal, keep reading today. 

Recognising the Symptoms

Before you consider booking an appointment with an audiologist for ear wax removal, you should be aware of the symptoms that indicate you have a build-up of excessive ear wax. These symptoms may include; 

  • Hearing Problems – If everyday sounds become muffled or you experience difficulty hearing, it could be due to ear wax build-up.
  • Tinnitus – Persistent ringing, buzzing, hissing or whooshing sounds in your ears might be a sign of excessive ear wax.
  • Discomfort or Pain –  A feeling of fullness, discomfort or even pain in the ear can occur due to wax accumulating in the canal.
  • Balance Issues – In some cases, excessive ear wax can affect your balance or make you feel dizzy.

When to Take Immediate Action

When it comes to your ears, certain scenarios require immediate attention. You should seek medical assistance as soon as possible if you experience severe symptoms like; 

  • Intense pain
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Discharge from the ear

These symptoms could be indicators of more serious conditions rather than just excessive wax build-up and you should speak to an audiologist. 

Lifestyle and Individual Factors

Your lifestyle can also influence the need for an ear wax removal appointment. If you use in-ear headphones every day or you wear hearing aids, for instance, you might be more prone to ear wax build-up. Similarly, if you swim frequently then you may need to see an audiologist more regularly for ear wax removal services. Older adults and individuals with narrow ear canals may also need regular check-ups to keep their ears healthy. 

Prevention is Better Than Cure

If you are prone to excessive ear wax, consider periodic ear check-ups with an audiologist. Regular appointments can help to prevent wax from building up in the first place, eliminating the associated discomfort and risks. It’s worth noting that over-the-counter treatments are often ineffective and can even be harmful to use. So, it’s much more beneficial to book an appointment at a specialist clinic. 

Book an Appointment for Ear Wax Removal in Stock

Recognising the symptoms of excessive ear wax is beneficial to help take good care of your ears. By being proactive and seeking professional guidance, you can maintain optimal ear health and avoid the complications associated with ear wax build-up. 

Here at The Hearing Hub, we can assist you with ear wax removal in Chelmsford or Billericay. Our audiologists are trained in several methods of wax removal, including microsuction, ear irrigation and instrumentation, and will create a treatment plan that works for you. It’s always our aim to provide our patients with immediate relief and we have years of experience assisting with a wide range of wax-related problems. 

If you have any questions about booking an appointment for ear wax removal in Stock, get in touch with us today. You can call us on 0330 111 9994 and we will be happy to assist you further over the phone.