There are several useful services available at our ear wax clinics in Brentwood and Billericay, and our audiologists support patients throughout the Shenfield area. In addition to providing ear wax removal at The Hearing Hub, specialising in microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation, we can also assist with other ear-related needs. For example, we provide a tinnitus clinic where you can speak to a healthcare professional about the ringing in your ears and receive a management plan to treat your tinnitus. We are also independent providers of hearing aids and can help you to find the perfect solution to overcome your hearing difficulties. 

Another popular service that we offer at The Hearing Hub is creating ear plugs. These small devices can be beneficial for several reasons and they are used in different scenarios to protect the ears. If you don’t know much about ear plugs and you’re wondering whether they could benefit you, keep reading today. 

What are Ear Plugs?

Ear plugs are designed to be inserted into the ear canal to reduce the amount of sound that reaches the inner ear. They also act as a barrier, helping to protect the ears from water, dust, dirt and other debris. Ear plugs are incredibly versatile. They come in various shapes, sizes and materials to suit different purposes and individual preferences. Whether you’re a musician or a surfer, ear plugs can help to prevent potential damage to your ears. With their discreet design and comfortable fit, ear plugs offer a simple yet effective solution to an array of needs. 

The Different Types of Ear Plugs 

There are lots of different types of ear plugs that can be used during an array of activities. At The Hearing Hub, we provide;

Swing Slips

It’s very common for swimmers to use ear plugs to prevent water from entering the ear canal. Swim plugs can benefit regular swimmers or people who are due to go on holiday and will be participating in water-based activities. They can even be used by people who have problems with ear wax after showers or are prone to ear infections. Swim plugs are custom-moulded to provide a secure and watertight fit and they can help to prevent potential ear-related issues caused by prolonged water exposure. 

Sleep Plugs

Lots of people will use ear plugs overnight too. Tailor-made sleep plugs can help people to get more restful sleep and they will prevent common disturbances from outdoor noises. They are particularly useful for people who live in noisy cities, frequently travel and stay in hotels or sleep during the day. Sleep plugs are made from a soft silicone material and fit snugly into the ear canal without causing discomfort while laying down. They can effectively reduce noise from the surrounding environment to create a peaceful sleep environment.

Musician’s Plugs

To protect their ears from loud noises, all musicians should wear ear plugs. Musician’s plugs are designed to protect the ears by blocking harmful sounds. However, they still allow musicians to hear the sounds they need to hear whilst playing on stage, like their instruments or their bandmates. Musician’s plugs are also popular among concert attendees who want to enjoy live music without the risk of hearing damage from excessively loud sound levels. They enable enthusiasts to enjoy music without compromising on sound quality.

Book an Appointment at an Ear Wax Clinic near Shenfield

If you live in Shenfield and you’re interested in getting some ear plugs made, whether you’d like them for swimming, sleeping or listening to music, contact our experts at The Hearing Hub today. At either of our ear wax clinics in Brentwood or Billericay we can assist you with custom-made ear plugs and we will help you to find the perfect solution to your specific needs. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of the ear plugs that we create and we work with all major international suppliers to provide our patients with products they can rely on. Should you have any questions about ear plugs and their uses, our team will be happy to answer these for you. You can call our ear wax clinics near Shenfield on 0330 111 9994 today.