Suffering from irritation and discomfort due to a build-up of ear wax? Require ear syringing in Stratford? Then you have come to the right clinic, The Hearing Hub is the number one choice in the Stratford area. We provide first-rate ear wax removal services including ear syringing, instrumentation and microsuction. 

Our accredited, experienced audiologists adhere to the very highest standards of care, taking the time to make sure that our patients are relaxed and comfortable at all times. We are highly safe, effective and dependable, so you shouldn’t go anywhere else if you want to get your ear wax professionally removed. 

To schedule our ear syringing in Stratford today – please book your time and date via our website’s online system.

What Does an Ear Syringing Appointment Involve?

When you come to The Hearing Hub for ear syringing in Stratford, it will be a straightforward, speedy and safe experience at all times. Ear syringing, also known as ear irrigation, is a popular method of ear wax removal that involves delicately pumping water to flush all the ear wax out of the ear canal. This is a proven method, and will deliver the desired results for any individual that has it. 

An appointment will begin with one of our experienced audiologists conducting an in-depth examination of your ear wax congestion. This is to determine the size of your ear wax build-up, and help us make sure that we use the right method for the job. After this, we will provide you with ear syringing at your own pace so that you feel completely comfortable and relaxed throughout. Generally, our appointments last between 10 to 30 minutes so it’ll be a fast, effective and easy experience. It is painless and doesn’t cause any discomfort either. 

Visit The Hearing Hub

The Hearing Hub is a leading clinic for ear syringing in Stratford. We’ve got an excellent reputation, with a multitude of five-star reviews from individuals we’ve treated over many years. Our previous patients rate us very highly for our professional service, total safety and superb effectiveness – we consistently get outstanding results and restore full hearing abilities almost immediately. 

In addition to this, we offer competitive rates for ear syringing, with prices at our Stratford location starting at just £70 for both ears. If you’d like to book an appointment to remove your ear wax today – then please get in touch with us today, we’ve got fantastic availability. 

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If you would like to book ear syringing in Stratford, then visit The Hearing Hub website today. We have an easy-to-use appointment booking system, which you can use to choose a time and data at our Stratford location. We have excellent availability, so whatever time or date you require, we’ll be able to fit you in for an ear syringing appointment. 

Should you have any further questions about our ear syringing or another one of our ear wax removal techniques – then please do not hesitate to contact us today on 0330 111 9994. Our team is always happy to help you with your questions, provide you with more information about our techniques, and assist you with booking your appointment.