If your ears are starting to feel blocked, clogged, or painful and you think that you might have an excessive buildup of wax you might be concerned about the cause of this. Has it simply occurred for no reason, or have you done something to cause it? Well, both answers can be true, and it’s important for you to understand if you have had an impact on your ear wax blockage so you can make sure that it doesn’t happen again in the future and cause you further problems. 

We have put together this post, to help you understand the most common causes of ear wax blockages so that you can try to avoid them as best as you can to keep your ears healthy. The Hearing Hub are ear wax removal specialists, providing our clients across London and Essex with the safest and most effective ear wax removal methods available at our state-of-the-art clinics. For further information on our ear wax removal services in Berkshire please visit our website today. 

Our Ears Naturally Produce Ear Wax

Our ears naturally produce ear wax – also known as Cerumen – to keep them healthy and safe. It is there to protect our ears, and to stop dirt, debris, dust, viruses and airborne irritants from getting into our ears and causing us problems. All human ears produce ear wax, and normally it is a healthy amount that doesn’t need to be professionally removed.

But sometimes, ear wax can build up excessively through no fault of our own, meaning you might need professional ear wax removal. Everyone’s ears are different, and if you have a build up of wax in your ears then it doesn’t mean that you haven’t been looking after them properly or that you are unhygienic. It’s something that can happen to all of us, and a professional will be able to help restore your ears back to normal.

Attempting to Clean Your Ears at Home

One of the most common causes of people’s ears becoming blocked and blocked with excessive wax is because they are attempting to clean their ears at home. We avoid suggesting this, and if you suspect that you have an ear wax blockage then please visit a specialist instead of attempting to clean your ears yourself. 

A lot of us tend to reach for the cotton buds because we think that they keep our ears clean, or even opt for an at-home ear cleaning kit to clean our ears but we need to stay away from these. They can actually push the ear wax further down our ears, which can cause it to impact and harden, perforate our eardrums, and even result in loss of hearing. 

By attempting to clean your own ears at home, you could actually be doing a lot more harm than good and causing your ear wax to build up deep in your ear canal.

Wearing Earphones Excessively 

Additionally, wearing earphones excessively, as this can also increase ear wax build-up. Our ears are designed to naturally clean themselves, and earphones can actually trap the wax in our ears that is supposed to be naturally carried out. 

What the earphones that you’re wearing are doing is blocking the ear wax from naturally coming out of your ears, and if this happens often enough over long periods of time the wax can build up in your ears. So ensure that you do not wear earphones excessively, and that you give your ears time to breathe and naturally clean themselves to avoid excessive build-up.

Think You Might Have a Build-Up of Wax in Your Ears?

If you think that you might have a build-up of wax in your ears that needs to be removed by a professional, then why not pay a visit to The Hearing Hub? We provide clients with safe and effective ear wax removal to leave their ears feeling clear and healthy, all at an affordable cost.

We have a wide range of clinics across Essex and London, with our Slough clinic being perfectly located for you in Berkshire. Our Slough clinic is brand-new, with a team of expert audiologists who are there to provide you with the safest and most effective methods of ear wax removal. We are based in the G60 suite, with parking available on-site for our clients. 

We specialise in microsuction, irrigation, and instrumentation ear wax removal and we will be sure to provide you with the most effective method to remove your stubborn and blocked ear wax in no time. Our ear wax removal is painless and takes no time at all to complete.

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