When ear wax builds up in your ear canal, it can cause muffled sounds and discomfort. The natural response for many people is to reach for a cotton bud to try and clear the blockage. This is one of the most common methods for DIY wax removal, but it isn’t a quick fix to your blocked ears and it can actually cause more harm than good. 

Instead of attempting DIY ear wax removal, you should book an appointment at a local ear clinic. If you need professional assistance with ear wax removal in East London, contact The Hearing Hub’s Stratford clinic. We can provide you with the safe and effective 

ear wax removal treatment you need. Below we have explored some of the risks and complications of attempting to remove ear wax on your own with DIY methods, and why seeking professional help is always the best approach.

The Anatomy of the Ear

Before we delve into the dangers of DIY ear wax removal, it’s essential to understand the ear’s delicate structure. The ear canal is a narrow passage that leads to the ear drum. Ear wax is produced in the ear canal to protect it from water, dust, dirt, debris and other irritants. Typically, the ear canal is self-cleaning. Excess ear wax will gradually work its way to the outer ear, where it dries up and falls out naturally. However, it can sometimes build up and cause uncomfortable side effects, prompting people to try DIY ear wax removal. 

The Hidden Dangers of DIY Methods 

While it may be tempting to pick up a cotton bud and try to clear any ear wax blockages, this can be very dangerous for reasons such as; 

  • Pushing Ear Wax Deeper – One of the most common risks of DIY ear wax removal is pushing ear wax deeper into the ear canal. Cotton buds, hair pins or any other small object inserted into the ear can inadvertently compact the ear wax, creating a more stubborn blockage.
  • Injury to the Ear Canal – The ear canal is sensitive and DIY methods can lead to injuries such as scratches, punctures or abrasions. These injuries can cause pain, infection and potential long-term damage.
  • Ear Drum Damage – The ear drum, located at the end of the ear canal, is incredibly delicate. Unintentional contact or forceful prodding during DIY removal can result in eardrum perforation, a serious condition that requires medical intervention.
  • Risk of Infection – When foreign objects are introduced into the ear, there is always a risk of bacteria entering the ear. This bacteria can cause ear infections that may require treatment with antibiotics.
  • Loss of Hearing – Repeated attempts at DIY ear wax removal, especially when unsuccessful, can lead to a gradual decline in hearing. Not only can stubborn ear wax blockages make it harder for sound to travel through the ears but damage to the ear drum can result in permanent hearing loss.

The Safe Alternative

Instead of taking a risk with DIY ear wax removal, it’s strongly recommended to visit an ear wax removal clinic. Audiologists can perform safe and effective procedures, and they are highly trained in what they do. These professionals have the appropriate tools to assess the situation and safely remove ear wax blockages. During an appointment for ear wax removal in East London, there are a few different methods that may be used;

  • Microsuction – This is the gold standard method of ear wax removal and gentle suction is used to remove ear wax from the ear canal.
  • Ear Irrigation – Also known as ear syringing, this is a traditional method that uses a controlled stream of water to flush out ear wax safely.
  • Instrumentation – In some cases, an audiologist may use specialised instruments, like a probe or forceps, to carefully remove ear wax blockages.

Getting Professional Ear Wax Removal in East London 

There is no denying that the hidden dangers of DIY ear wax removal far outweigh the potential benefits. It’s much more beneficial to book an appointment with an audiologist for safe and pain-free methods. If you’re experiencing ear wax-related issues, don’t hesitate to contact our team at The Hearing Hub for expert advice. Remember, your ears deserve the best care possible and we can help to preserve your hearing and improve your overall well-being.
You can book an appointment for ear wax removal in East London at our Stratford clinic by using our efficient online booking system. During an appointment, we will use a microscope to examine the potential build-up of ear wax and determine the best way to proceed. You can trust that you will be in very capable hands with our experienced audiologists.