Have you found yourself experiencing a clogged feeling in your ears, prolonged headaches, or unexplained ear pain and you aren’t quite sure what could be causing it? One of the most common reasons people experience these symptoms is when they have an excessive amount of ear wax that’s built up in their ears. Our ears naturally produce a healthy amount of ear wax to keep our ears safe, however, sometimes that build-up becomes excessive which is where Microsuction ear wax removal can help.

We have put together this post to share with you how you can spot the tell-tale signs that you might need Microsuction ear wax removal. The Hearing Hub are hearing specialists, providing our clients with a selection of the safest and most effective ear wax removal methods in Essex, London and which include Microsuction. 

To learn more about the tell-tale signs to watch out for, keep reading and for further information on our Microsuction ear wax removal in Burnham at our Slough clinic – visit our website today.

Blocked or Clogged Feeling In Ears

One of the most common signs you have an excessive build-up of ear wax is if your ears feel blocked or clogged. When we have a lot of ear wax that’s built up in our ears over time, it can cause blockages which is why you have that clogged and full feeling in your ears. If you’re experiencing a blocked or clogged feeling that doesn’t seem to go away, then this is a tell-tale sign of excessive ear wax build-up. 

Tinnitus or Ringing In Ears

During excessive ear wax build-up, we can often experience Tinnitus, which is a ringing sound in your ears. This can be caused by the ear wax in your ears putting pressure on the inner ear, which results in Tinnitus. It can be very frustrating to deal with, and it is very uncomfortable and can be painful too. If you’re experiencing Tinnitus, it could be a potential warning sign of an excessive build-up of wax.

Hearing Loss

When your ear wax builds up too much in your ears, it can become blocked and stuck in place – this acts as a barrier that stops the sound from travelling into your ears as it normally would, which is another hearing loss signal. Once you have your ear wax removed, your full hearing will be restored. So if you’re experiencing any kind of hearing loss, this could be due to built up ear wax sitting in your ear canal. 

Think You Could Benefit From Microsuction Ear Wax Removal?

If you’re experiencing any of these signs of excessive ear wax, then you might benefit from a Microsuction ear wax removal procedure. We specialise in providing Microsuction ear wax removal from our Slough clinic – which is the gold standard method for removing ear wax safely and effectively. 

Microsuction uses a gentle suction device to remove the ear wax from your ears, and it is a completely safe, gentle and effective method of ear wax removal. In the majority of cases, Microsuction provides clients with instant relief and immediately restores their full hearing. Our practitioners are trained in all methods of ear wax removal, and they will examine your ears at your appointment to determine if Microsuction is the best method of ear wax removal for you. 

Interested in booking your Microsuction appointment in Burnham to have your ears feeling clean, clear and healthy? Visit our website today. 

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