Have you been suffering from a build up of excess ear wax? Would you like to visit a clinic that provides ear wax removal in Romford? Then look no further, The Hearing Hub is the number one place to book an appointment. We are a reputable, dependable clinic specialising in ear wax removal, offering three industry-leading methods; microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation. 

Our team of experienced, qualified audiologists can oversee a quick, safe and effective treatment that gives you instant relief from your pain. Whether you’ve got a significant buildup or a minor problem that you want to get checked out, The Hearing Hub can provide you with a thorough inspection and first-rate treatment. Competitive rates are offered for our ear wax removal in Romford, so we’re great value for money. 

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Gold-Standard Ear Wax Removal at Excellent Prices

The Hearing Hub can provide individuals with first-class ear wax removal in Romford; we specialise in a number of techniques including microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation. Our microsuction procedure is the best, most proven method of removal. It safely removes and eliminates ear wax from the ear canal, by using gentle suction. Widely regarded as the safest and most successful method, it will give you relief straight away – getting rid of all the nasty symptoms and effects you’ve been dealing with. 

Once you have undergone microsuction ear wax removal in Romford, your hearing will be restored and you’ll no longer be suffering with hearing loss, infections and discomfort. In addition to microsuction, we can also employ irrigation and instrumentation as alternative methods for treating your ear wax buildup. Irrigation involves pumping water to push the ear wax out of the ear canal, whilst instrumentation involves using a Jobson Horne probe to remove ear wax near to the entrance of the ear canal. 

Whether you choose to opt for microsuction or irrigation, we promise that the procedure will be overseen by a trained audiologist with plenty of experience behind them. Our professionals are accredited and will deliver a trustworthy service that places you at the centre of the treatment. This means that we’ll always take it at your own pace, making sure that you’re fully comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. If you ever have any personal needs or concerns, our staff can adapt to your requirements during our ear wax removal in Romford today.

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To schedule an appointment for our first-class ear wax removal in Romford, use the online booking system displayed on our website. We have great availability, so you can book an appointment at a time and date that suits your schedule. 

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