If you have started experiencing problems with your hearing and you think that a build-up of ear wax could be to blame, booking an appointment with an audiologist for ear wax syringing is always beneficial. This traditional method of ear wax removal can stubborn ear wax and provide instant relief. For patients in the Datchet area, our highly trained audiologists at our Slough clinic can help you restore your hearing with ear wax syringing. 

Understandably, if you’ve never visited an ear wax clinic before, you may be wondering what an appointment involves and what you need to do to prepare. This post aims to guide you through the steps to ensure you’re well-prepared for successful ear wax syringing.

Why Ear Syringing is Popular

Ear syringing is one of the most commonly used methods for ear wax removal, and for good reason. It has been used by audiologists for decades and it’s often used alongside other methods like microsuction and instrumentation, depending on the consistency of the wax. 

When performed by an experienced audiologist, ear wax syringing combines the advantage of medical expertise with quick outcomes. It’s a reliable option for treating ear wax build-up and it’s popular for reasons such as speed and simplicity. Generally speaking, appointments last between 10-30 minutes and the majority of people notice the difference straight away. 

This method uses water to flush the wax out of your ear and it may be a little bit uncomfortable, but syringing is generally a painless option for treating ear wax build-up.

Preparing Your Ears

Once you have booked an appointment, it may be advised that you prepare your ears. You typically need to soften the ear wax a few days before the syringing appointment. This can be done using over-the-counter ear drops or simple home remedies and at The Hearing Hub, we recommend Earol Olive Oil spray for general softening. When you soften the wax, the syringing process will usually be easier and quicker. 

Although they may be tempting to use when you have a build-up of ear wax, steer clear of cotton buds before your appointment. These can push the wax further down the ear canal, making the syringing process more complicated. If you want to clean your ears before you see an audiologist, simply use a warm washcloth on the outer ear. 

Research the Procedure

To prevent any unnecessary worry and alleviate any anxiety you may have, it’s beneficial to familiarise yourself with the ear wax syringing procedure before your appointment. Knowing what to expect can help to put your mind at ease. Don’t hesitate to contact your audiologist if you have any questions or concerns you have regarding the procedure too. They can provide you with information about potential complications or aftercare, for example. 

It’s worth noting that during the appointment, an audiologist will take things at your pace. Ear wax removal is performed slowly to reduce discomfort and if you want to stop at any time, the audiologist will let you take a break. You will be made to feel comfortable throughout. 

Booking an Appointment for Ear Wax Syringing in Slough

All in all, ear wax syringing is a widely-practised and generally safe method for ear wax removal. Now you know how to prepare for your appointment with an audiologist, you can book to have the build-up of wax in your ears removed without any concerns. When searching for a reputable clinic that provides ear wax syringing in Datchet, don’t hesitate to contact us at The Hearing Hub. Our Slough clinic is conveniently located to assist you. 

Our audiologists are trained in all methods of ear wax removal, including ear syringing, microsuction and instrumentation. You can find out more about our team on our website and the different qualifications our audiologists have. We can assure you that you will be in very capable hands when you turn to us for ear wax syringing in Slough.  

If you have any questions about how to prepare for an appointment for ear wax removal, you can contact us today by calling 0330 111 9992. We’re always happy to help.