If you think that you might have an ear wax blockage, it’s probably best to have this checked out to avoid any further complications. Visiting a professional when you have a suspected ear wax blockage is the best route to take, to ensure the safe and effective removal of your ear wax. But if you’ve never experienced ear wax removal before, then you might not be quite sure how to prepare or what to expect. 

Maybe you’ve heard people mention ear wax softening or read about it online, but you’re not sure if its something that you need to do or how to do it. We have put together this post, to share with you how you can best prepare for your ear wax removal appointment. The Hearing Hub provides our clients with the safest and most effective methods for removing their ear wax, from our state-of-the-art clinics across Essex, London and Slough. To learn more, read on and for more information on our ear wax removal in Farnham Common, head over to our website today. 

Do I Need To Prepare Before My Appointment?

Most ear wax removal clinics recommend softening your ear wax before you arrive for your ear wax removal appointment. You might be thinking, why does my ear wax need softening prior to visiting a specialist? By softening your ear wax it can make it a lot easier for your ear wax to be removed, making the procedure smoother and quicker to complete. 

Here at The Hearing Hub, we don’t tell our clients to perform lengthy softening of their ear wax but we do recommend some softening. Our audiologists recommend using some olive oil drops in your ears for at least 2 days prior to your appointment which will make the treatment easier for you. We find that Earol Olive Oil spray works best, and recommend this for our clients. 

How Do I Use Earol Olive Oil Spray? 

To use Earol olive oil spray to soften your hardened ear wax, all you need to do is spray it into your ears. You can spray 2 sprays of Earol into your ears twice a day for 2 days, before your appointment. This will be more than enough to soften your ear wax build up, making your ear wax removal an easier process for you. Earol olive oil spray is based on natural olive oil, and it delivers a small dose of olive oil into the outer ear which helps to soften your ear wax build up.

What Should I Expect At My Appointment? 

Our practitioners will use a microscope to see a detailed view of your ear canal and examine the build-up. From here they can determine which ear wax removal method is best for your ear wax build-up and will be most effective. They will then explain the procedure to you in detail, and ensure to answer any questions that you have. Your audiologist will then remove your ear wax using a gentle device which usually takes between 10-30 minutes, and is virtually painless. Usually just one procedure is enough to remove clients ear wax build up, and fully restore their hearing.

Looking to Book an Ear Wax Removal Appointment in Farnham Common?

We hope that this post put together by our team has taught you more about how you can best prepare for your ear wax removal appointment and what you need to know. If you feel like you could benefit from an ear wax removal appointment, then why not book yours? Our closest clinic to Farnham Common is our Slough clinic, which is our brand-new state-of-the-art clinic. 

Here at The Hearing Hub we provide clients with the safest and most effective methods of ear wax removal; which include Microsuction, Irrigation and Instrumentation. Our team of fully trained audiologists will examine your ears and determine the best method of ear wax removal for your blockage.

Appointments typically last between 10-30 minutes, and for most clients just one appointment is enough to have their hearing fully restored and their ear health back to normal. Our ear wax removal prices in our Slough clinic are £65 for both ears, and £20 if no ear wax is found upon examination. 

If you’d like to book your ear wax removal appointment in the Farnham Common area, then you can visit our website today and use our online booking tool to book your appointment at our Slough clinic. You can select a date and time that suits you best for your appointment, and our audiologists will ensure that you leave with your ears feeling their best again.