Generally speaking, ear wax will naturally move out of the ear canal. However, it can sometimes build up and cause discomfort. If you are experiencing hearing loss, itchiness, pressure, dizziness or tinnitus, you may have excessive ear wax. Fortunately, there are ways to remove blockages from your ears and get some relief from your symptoms. 

When it comes to dealing with ear wax build-up, various methods can help, but they’re not all created equal. Lots of people are tempted by home remedies or wax removal methods, yet it’s highly recommended that you book an appointment with an audiologist instead. Tried and tested methods like ear wax syringing are much more effective than ‘DIY’ alternatives. 

If you’re considering booking an appointment for ear wax syringing in Brookwood, below we have explored why visiting our Woking clinic is a better option than home wax removal methods. 

Home Wax Removal Methods

Home wax removal methods typically include over-the-counter ear drops or olive oil and candles, among other things. These solutions aim to soften the wax, making it easier to remove naturally or through irrigation. However, they aren’t as effective as you hope they will be.

  • Pros

These methods can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, saving you a trip to an ear clinic. Typically, over-the-counter solutions are cheaper than professional treatments too. 

  • Cons

It’s worth noting that home wax removal methods often don’t provide the desired results. Even after multiple attempts, you might not notice any difference in your ears. They often fail to remove all of the wax too, especially if it’s stubborn or deep in your ear canal. 

Most importantly, at-home solutions can be very dangerous. It isn’t uncommon for them to push the wax deeper into your ear, causing a range of problems. They can also lead to ear infections and cause other ear conditions that have a lasting impact on your life. 

Professional Ear Wax Syringing

Ear wax syringing, also known as ear irrigation, is a method that’s commonly used by audiologists for ear wax removal. It involves using a small device to direct a flow of water into the ear canal to dislodge and remove the ear wax.

  • Pros

Ear wax syringing provides thorough wax removal, especially when performed by an experienced audiologist. They will use the latest equipment to safely remove the excessive wax build-up. The professional assessment and guidance provided during a consultation can provide peace of mind too. If you have a history of ear infections, perforated eardrum or other ear-related issues, professional treatment will prevent concerns about future problems. 

More often than not, ear syringing can resolve wax build-up in a single session. Even deeply impacted wax can be removed with professional intervention and if syringing doesn’t work, methods like instrumentation can be used instead. 

  • Cons

There aren’t many downsides to visiting an experienced audiologist. Whilst ear syringing can be uncomfortable for some people, it isn’t painful. You will have to pay for an audiologist appointment, but ear wax removal is more affordable than you may think. At our Woking clinic, we charge £75 for both ears. 

Visit a Clinic for Ear Wax Syringing in Woking

It’s fair to say that if you’re considering home wax removal methods, it’s much more beneficial to book an appointment with an audiologist instead. Ear syringing can provide quicker and more effective results, and it is a much safer alternative to experimenting with over-the-counter products. If you would like to book an appointment for ear wax syringing in Brookwood, use the convenient booking tool on The Hearing Hub website today. You can trust that you will thank yourself for enlisting the help of an experienced audiologist. 

At our Woking clinic, we provide all methods of ear wax removal; microsuction, ear syringing and instrumentation. Our audiologists will use a microscope to examine your ear and the potential build-up of ear wax before determining how best to proceed. We can assure you that we always opt for the safest and most efficient way to remove ear wax.