If you are currently suffering from an ear wax blockage, one of the symptoms that you might be experiencing could be hearing loss. Many people who have excessive ear wax in their ears experience some level of hearing loss, whether its partial or full hearing loss, and it can be very uncomfortable and frustrating to deal with. One of the most common methods for ear wax removal for stubborn and excessive wax is ear wax syringing which removes the excessive ear wax from your ears with a gentle flow of warm water, leaving them feeling clear and healthy. 

We have put together this short post, looking into how ear wax syringing further and how it can help to restore your lost hearing from stubborn ear wax blockages. The Hearing Hub are the leading ear wax removal clinic in Essex, providing clients with the safest and most effective methods of ear wax removal which include ear wax syringing. For further information on our ear wax syringing in Romford please visit our website today. 

Why Does Hearing Loss Occur When Our Ears Get Blocked?

Often, one of the first symptoms that people experience when they are suffering from an ear wax build up is hearing loss. Our ear wax is produced naturally in our ears, and it’s there to keep them safe from bacteria, dirt and dust and to keep our ears protected. But sometimes, our ear wax builds up over time excessively which can lead to a blockage which can mean temporary hearing loss. 

When ear wax builds up excessively in our ears, it hardens and gets lodged in our ear canal. This means that the ear wax becomes stuck in place in our ears, and then acts as a barrier which stops sound from travelling into our ears like it normally would. If you’ve got excess wax in your ears and do not have it removed, it can build up further and lead to your hearing getting worse over time which can potentially be dangerous. 

How Can Ear Wax Syringing Help?

Ear wax syringing, also known as Irrigation, is just one of the many ear wax removal methods available. It is a safe and effective method of ear wax removal, and will help to get your hearing back to normal. Ear wax syringing involves removing your excessive ear wax build up using a pressurised gentle flow of warm water, which dislodges your ear wax blockage. It is directed carefully into your ear, and not at your ear drum itself to keep it safe, and it softens and removes the build-up of wax that’s causing you problems.

The warm water from the ear wax syringing works to dislodge the hardened and stubborn plug of ear wax that’s been causing you hearing loss and blocking your ears, and it then falls out with the water. It is a painless procedure and the only thing you will feel is the sensation of the warm water going into your ears, and it doesn’t take long to complete at all.

Will My Hearing Be Restored?

After your ear wax syringe appointment, the hardened ear wax that has been blocking your ear canal and causing your hearing loss will have been removed and therefore your hearing should be fully restored and the other symptoms of ear wax build up you’ve been experiencing will be gone. Usually for most clients just one ear wax syringing appointment is enough to have their ears feeling clear but some clients have to visit for a follow-up appointment particularly for stubborn wax.

Safe and Effective Ear Wax Syringing at The Hearing Hub

Hopefully this post has taught you more about how effective ear wax syringing is at improving your hearing loss from excess wax. If you feel like you could benefit from ear wax syringing, then why not visit us at The Hearing Hub today? 

Our clinic in Romford is ideally placed for you to visit, to get your ears feeling clean and clear again. We have a highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable team of audiologists here at The Hearing Hub, who have a wealth of experience providing clients with the safest and most effective methods of ear wax removal. 

We specialise in Microsuction, Irrigation (also known as syringing), and Instrumentation and will determine the best method for you during your examination when you visit us. Our ear wax removal price is £65 for both ears, and £20 if no ear wax is found during examination.
If you’d like to book your appointment at our Romford clinic, head over to our website today. You can book your appointment using our easy to use booking tool, and schedule it for a date and time that suits you best.