Microsuction has become the preferred method of ear wax removal among audiologists, often referred to as the ‘gold standard’ due to its safety and effectiveness. For patients in the Caversham area, the practitioners at our Reading clinic are fully trained in microsuction and will quickly remove wax from the ear canal. Whether you’ve noticed hearing loss or blocked ears, we can help and lots of patients notice immediate results. 

However, like many medical procedures, microsuction is surrounded by misconceptions that can deter people from choosing this effective treatment. At The Hearing Hub, we believe in educating our clients with accurate information. So, below we have debunked some of the common myths about microsuction ear wax removal. 

Microsuction is Painful

One of the most common myths is that microsuction is a painful process. The truth is that microsuction is known for being quick and comfortable. The procedure involves gentle suction to remove ear wax and is performed slowly to ensure it doesn’t cause any discomfort. Some patients may think the procedure is noisy, but it shouldn’t be painful. When compared to other ear wax removal methods, it’s considered the most comfortable and effective. 

It’s Unsafe and Can Damage the Ear

Microsuction is recommended by Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists and is widely regarded as a safe method for ear wax removal. When performed by trained professionals, the risks of ear damage are minimal. The controlled nature of this method significantly reduces the risk of injury to the ear canal and ear drum. Since it doesn’t involve putting liquids into the ear, there is less chance of complications or infections too. 

Microsuction is a Lengthy Process

Contrary to popular belief, microsuction is actually quite a quick procedure. The entire process usually takes between 10-30 minutes and most patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the appointment. It’s key to note that the speed of the procedure does not compromise its effectiveness. Patients are often surprised by how swiftly and smoothly the procedure is completed.

Extensive Preparation is Required

Many people think that a lengthy softening process is needed before undergoing microsuction. However, this isn’t the case. It is recommended that you use olive oil drops in your ears for at least two days prior to your appointment, but this is a minimal requirement and more of a precautionary measure to ease the removal process. So, you won’t have to worry about using ear drops for several days to soften the wax significantly.

It’s Only for Severe Ear Wax Build-Up

Another common misconception is that microsuction is only necessary for severe cases of ear wax build-up. Yet, microsuction is suitable for a range of situations, from minor blockages to more significant build-ups. Its versatility makes it a good choice for routine ear cleaning as well as for more pressing ear wax issues, making it an ideal option for people looking to be proactive in preventing wax build-up.

Microsuction is Not Suitable for Sensitive Ears

A common misconception about microsuction is that it is not suitable for people with sensitive ears. In reality, microsuction is often an ideal choice due to its gentle and non-invasive nature. The procedure doesn’t involve any contact with the deeper parts of the ear, reducing the likelihood of irritation. Its precision allows for targeted wax removal too, minimising discomfort and making it suitable for a wide range of ear conditions.

Book Microsuction Ear Wax Removal in Reading

All in all, microsuction is a modern, efficient and safe method for ear wax removal, suitable for a wide range of patients. Now you know the truth, if you’re considering visiting an ear wax removal clinic, book an appointment at The Hearing Hub today. When you turn to us for microsuction ear wax removal in reading, you will be in very good hands. Our audiologists are highly trained and will prioritise your comfort throughout the appointment. We are committed to helping you maintain optimal ear health. 

If you have any concerns or questions about microsuction, our team is here to provide you with professional advice. You can call us directly on 0330 111 9992 and we can discuss the microsuction procedure with you in more detail. We look forward to seeing you at our Reading clinic for your ear wax removal appointment.