Sometimes ear wax can build up excessively in our ears, causing blockages that can result in a range of uncomfortable and painful symptoms affecting us like hearing loss, a feeling of fullness in our ears, and even Tinnitus. Our ears naturally produce a healthy amount of wax that protects them, but occasionally this can build up and become excessive causing us a number of problems. This is where Microsuction can help, the safest and most effective method of removing ear wax and leaving your ears feeling cleaner and healthier than ever. 

Here at The Hearing Hub have put together this comprehensive guide to Microsuction, to tell you everything that you need to know about this gold-standard method of ear wax removal. The Hearing Hub is the leading ear wax removal clinic in Essex, specialising in providing clients with a range of ear wax removal techniques to remove excessive ear wax. Please keep reading and for further information on our Microsuction ear wax removal in Chelmsford.

What is Microsuction?

Microsuction is a safe, quick and effective method of removing ear wax blockages to leave your ears feeling clean and healthy. During a Microsuction procedure, a trained practitioner will use a small, handheld device to gently vacuum the built-up wax out of your ear canal. This device is carefully inserted into your ear, and a gentle suction is applied to remove the wax that’s been causing the problems you’re experiencing. It is a very safe procedure, and will not cause any damage to your ears when performed by a trained practitioner. 

What Are the Signs you Might Need Microsuction? 

Many people with a build-up of ear wax experience a feeling of fullness in their ears or feel like their ears are clogged, and often can’t hear properly. These are some of the common signs of ear-wax build up to look out for that could indicate that you could benefit from a Microsuction procedure. Some people also experience pain in their ears, and Tinnitus which is a ringing sensation in the ears. If you’re experiencing any of these common signs, we recommend that you visit a specialist.

How Long Does Microsuction Take and Does it Hurt?

Microsuction ear wax removal is a painless procedure, the only implement used is a gentle suction device removing the ear wax from your ears. Some people find the feeling a bit odd at first if it’s their first time, but you shouldn’t experience any pain and your practitioner will be there to guide you through the procedure and stop at any point if you feel uncomfortable. 

It usually takes between 10-30 minutes to complete and requires no downtime, meaning that you can get back to your day-to-day activities straight after your appointment with instant results. 

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal in Chelmsford at The Hearing Hub

We specialise in Microsuction, Irrigation and Instrumentation ear wax removal at The Hearing Hub and before your procedure our practitioners will be able to use a microscope to determine the best method of ear wax removal for your ears. 

Usually, you will only require one Microsuction procedure to remove the excess wax from your ears, and experience instant relief and their hearing immediately is restored. The procedure is usually quick, with no downtime required and your ears completely free of unwanted ear wax.

If you feel like you might have an excessive build-up of ear wax in your ears, and that you could benefit from a Microsuction procedure then why not visit The Hearing Hub? Visit our Chelmsford clinic, where our team of fully-trained practitioners will be able to use Microsuction to gently and carefully remove your ear wax build-up. 

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