If you live in various areas of Essex, or in Stratford or Leyton, then your answer is The Hearing Hub. The Hearing Hub offers high quality and efficient treatments for those looking to have earwax removed. Our team is fully qualified to carry out the services that we offer, and you can trust them to be friendly, professional and open to questions. The variety of services that we offer allows us to be able to provide our clients with a treatment that is going to be most successful for the problem that they have. 

Benefits of Ear Wax Removal

Before you think to yourself, ‘where can I get ear wax removal near me?’, you may first want to ask yourself why this treatment is beneficial for you. Well there are several benefits to having wax removed, one being an obvious advantage, which is better hearing. With ear wax clogging up your ear, you may find it harder to understand what people are saying, and so this is a treatment that can help you in your everyday life. Another benefit of earwax removal is that it can reduce pain and irritation. While ear wax does have important functions for the body such as lubrication and protection, an excessive amount of wax build up can be the cause of pain or irritation, and therefore, ear wax removal in this case will be beneficial for you. So now that you know how wax removal can benefit you, you can start asking, ‘where can I get ear wax removal near me?’ 

What Services do We Offer You? 

The Hearing Hub is the place to come, if you are wondering ‘where can I get reliable and effective ear wax removal near me?’. We have a variety of services available, giving us the chance to offer you the one that will be most beneficial for your individual situation. We have a team of audiologists who are ready to help you with the removal treatments in order to alleviate pain and discomfort that your earwax may be causing. 

The three different methods of removal that we carry out are micro-suction, which uses gentle suctioning to get the wax out of the ear canal, irrigation (commonly known as ear syringing), where water is put into the ear and effectively flushes the wax out, and finally instrumentation, which sees the use of a probe and is used to extract wax that is found at the entrance to the ear canal. All services are completed with great care, and if you have any questions about the procedure or prices then you can find information here, or you can ask our team. We also have a great selection of earplugs, to help musicians, swimmers, and for sleeping too, and we have hearing aids as well. 

Do you Want to ask any Questions?

If you have questions, besides ‘where can I get ear wax removal near me?’, then our team will be happy to listen to your enquiries and provide you with the information needed to answer them. If you give us a call on 0330 111 9994 you can have a direct conversation with a member of our staff, but you can also use our email address [email protected] or enquiry form.