Although ear wax is a completely natural substance and it’s necessary to maintain ear health, it can sometimes accumulate excessively. Some people will experience discomfort and hearing issues due to a build-up of ear wax, and it can have a big impact on their day-to-day life. Fortunately, you can book a professional service for ear wax removal. At The Hearing Hub, we frequently assist patients in the Great Warley area with ear wax blockages. We have a local clinic in Brentwood and our audiologists are trained in all methods of ear wax removal. 

For those who are more prone to a build-up of ear wax, managing this condition is an ongoing process. You may require regular appointments to keep your ears healthy and ear wax syringing can be a safe and effective solution. In this post, we have explored how you can manage excessive ear wax production and when to consider professional cleaning.

Understanding Ear Wax Build-Up

Ear wax is produced to help protect the sensitive inner ear. Its main role is to trap dirt and debris, and prevent water from reaching the eardrum. Normally, ear wax gradually moves out of the ear canal, carrying with it any unwanted particles. However, some people produce more ear wax and can experience a faster build-up in their ears, which doesn’t clear out naturally. This can result in blockages that need to be professionally cleaned. 

Signs of Excessive Ear Wax

To ensure you’re booking an appointment with an audiologist to help prevent the problems associated with excessive ear wax, here are some signs to look out for; 

  • A feeling of fullness in the ear
  • Problems hearing people or the TV and radio 
  • A ringing in the ears known as tinnitus 
  • Itching or discomfort inside the ear
  • Earache

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is beneficial to have an expert look at your ears. An audiologist can use a microscope to see a detailed view of your ear canal, they will assess the potential build-up of wax and recommend the best approach for removal. 

Managing Ear Wax at Home

It isn’t recommended that you use small objects to clean your ears, like cotton buds, but there are a few safe ways you can manage ear wax at home. For example, putting over-the-counter olive oil drops in your ears can help to soften the wax and encourage it to move naturally out of your ears. These drops are often recommended when you’re preparing for professional ear wax syringing, making the removal process smoother and less uncomfortable. You can also use a soft washcloth with warm water to gently clean the outer ear, however, you shouldn’t put anything into the ear canal as doing so can push the wax deeper, worsening the build-up. 

The Role of Ear Wax Syringing

Ear wax syringing is a professional procedure performed by audiologists where a gentle stream of water is used to flush out ear wax. This method is particularly beneficial for those who naturally produce more wax or have narrow ear canals where wax easily becomes trapped. 

Regular visits to a professional ear wax removal clinic can help manage excessive ear wax and prevent the problems associated with at-home cleaning solutions. The frequency of ear wax syringing will vary based on individual needs, generally ranging from every 3 months to 12 months. If you’re unsure how regularly you should book an appointment, ask your audiologist for some tailored advice, they can help you determine the best solution. 

Booking Ear Wax Syringing in Brentwood

All in all, managing excessive ear wax is essential not only for comfort but also for maintaining your hearing and overall ear health. Understanding when and how to manage ear wax at home, and recognising when professional intervention is needed can help prevent complications associated with build-up. If you are prone to excessive ear wax, regular ear wax syringing can be an effective way to clear your ears on a regular basis. 

When dealing with persistent issues related to ear wax, our team at The Hearing Hub is the best to contact. We provide professional advice and treatment tailored to your unique circumstances, and our audiologists are highly skilled. When you book an appointment for ear wax syringing in Brentwood, we charge our full fee if ear wax removal is required. If no ear wax is found upon examination, we only charge £20 for the examination and consultation.