It isn’t uncommon for people to experience problems with excessive ear wax. Sometimes, wax can build up in the ear canal, causing dizziness, itchiness, tinnitus or even hearing loss. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy solution for most people; booking an appointment for microsuction ear wax removal. For those living in the Elm Park area, we can assist you at our Romford clinic. Our audiologists are fully trained in all methods of ear wax removal, including microsuction, and can remove any blockages you may have. 

Microsuction is quickly becoming the preferred method for ear wax removal, recognised for its safety, efficiency and comfort. It’s considered the ‘gold standard’ method and it’s recommended by Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists. In this post, we have explored some of the top reasons why choosing microsuction for ear wax removal could be the best decision for maintaining your ear health. 

Improved Safety 

Microsuction is considered one of the safest methods for removing ear wax. Unlike traditional methods like ear syringing, which uses water to flush the wax out of the ear and can lead to infections if not done correctly, microsuction uses a gentle suction device. This device ensures there is minimal risk of infection and other side effects. Audiologists have precise control and can remove the ear wax safely, even if you have complex medical conditions like perforated eardrums or you’ve had previous ear surgeries.

High Precision and Visibility

During microsuction, audiologists use a microscope to get a detailed view of the ear canal and the wax buildup. This enhanced visibility helps to ensure the removal process is extremely precise, they can specifically target and remove all wax without touching the sensitive areas of the inner ear. This is crucial for preventing damage and ensuring all blockages are effectively removed, improving your symptoms. 

Immediate Results

For most patients, microsuction ear wax removal provides immediate results. The process typically only takes a few minutes per ear and many notice a difference straight away. You can walk out of your appointment with cleared ears and restored hearing, without having to wait for wax to soften or naturally clear over time. If you have particularly stubborn ear wax, a follow-up appointment may be required, but this isn’t very common. 

Comfort and Convenience

The vast majority of people think microsuction is fairly comfortable because it’s quick and painless. There are no strange sensations from water pressure or the ear canal filling up, which can occur with syringing. Audiologists will take the appointment at your pace and talk you through what they’re doing throughout. Since microsuction ear wax removal is generally performed in a single visit, it’s a convenient option for anyone who is busy and needs a quick and effective solution.

No Mess

Microsuction is typically a clean procedure. Since no fluids are used throughout the procedure, there is no residue left behind in the ear canal, which can sometimes happen with ear syringing. This makes it a preferred choice for patients who want a tidy and straightforward procedure without the mess. You can go about the rest of your day as planned after your appointment, which is ideal if you need to work or care for children. 

Suitable for Almost Everyone

Generally speaking, microsuction is suitable for nearly all patients, including those with ear conditions or who are prone to ear infections. It’s also suitable for hearing aid users and is frequently used to help them improve their quality of hearing. If you’ve had a negative experience with other ear wax removal methods, whether it’s because you have narrow or sensitive ear canals, microsuction is worth trying. 

Getting Microsuction Ear Wax Removal in Romford

All in all, microsuction is considered to be a superior method for ear wax removal due to its safety, precision and efficiency. No matter what your reasons may be for contacting our team at The Hearing Hub, you can turn to us for microsuction ear wax removal in Romford knowing you will be getting one of the most advanced and gentle treatments available. Our skilled professionals will ensure you’re comfortable throughout the appointment and if you have any concerns or questions, they will stop immediately. 

At our Romford clinic, we charge £65 for wax removal in both ears and appointments typically last between 10-30 minutes. If no ear wax is found after the initial examination, we only charge £20 to cover the consultation. You can book an appointment quickly and easily online for a day and time that suits you. We look forward to assisting you with your ear health.