While ear wax removal is a common procedure, it’s important to ensure you’re booking an appointment with an experienced professional. Incorrect techniques or methods can pose risks to ear health, from minor discomfort to more serious complications, and impact overall ear function. Understanding these risks and doing your research when looking for a clinic that offers ear wax removal in Blackmore is undeniably beneficial. This can not only ensure the removal process is successful but your long-term ear health is protected. 

At The Hearing Hub, we have a local ear wax removal clinic in Brentwood. We ensure the removal process is conducted safely and efficiently, and we can help you to maintain ear health. Below we have explored the potential dangers associated with improper ear wax removal.

Injury to the Ear Canal

One of the most significant risks of incorrect ear wax removal is injury to the delicate inner ear. Using improper tools or techniques, such as cotton buds or sharp objects, can lead to abrasions or punctures in the ear canal. These injuries not only cause pain and discomfort but also increase the risk of infection and other complications. Booking ear wax removal with a trained specialist is crucial to prevent damage and ensure your ears are well taken care of. 

Impacted Ear Wax

Attempting to remove ear wax using improper methods can actually push the wax deeper into the ear canal, causing it to become impacted. Impacted ear wax can lead to symptoms such as earaches, a feeling of fullness, tinnitus and hearing loss. If left untreated, impacted ear wax can also increase the risk of infection and other ear-related issues. It’s important to resist the urge to insert objects into the ear canal at home and seek professional ear wax removal as soon as possible if you suspect an impaction.

Damage to the Eardrum

The eardrum is an incredibly important part of the ear. Incorrect ear wax removal techniques, particularly aggressive methods like ear candling or using sharp objects, can damage the eardrum. A perforated eardrum can cause a lot of pain as well as hearing loss, and even increase the likelihood of ear infections. Protecting the eardrum from harm during ear wax removal procedures is essential to prevent complications.

Ear Infections

As touched on above, improper ear wax removal can result in infections. This often occurs when contaminated objects or unsterilised instruments are used to remove ear wax, leading to bacterial growth in the ear. Ear infections can cause symptoms such as pain, swelling, discharge and fever, and may require medical treatment. Proper hygiene and the use of sterile equipment are key to minimise the risk of infection during ear wax removal procedures.

Hearing Loss

Repeated incorrect ear wax removal attempts can lead to hearing loss. Accumulated damage to the ear canal, eardrum or delicate inner ear can have lasting effects. Hearing loss will have a huge impact on your quality of life, affecting communication, social interaction and overall well-being. Booking professional ear wax removal services and avoiding aggressive or unsafe ear wax removal methods are essential to preserving hearing health.

Preventing the Risks Associated with Ear Wax Removal

A very simple way to minimise the risks of incorrect ear wax removal is to turn to a reputable clinic to remove blockages. When audiologists use safe and effective methods, you can have peace of mind that your ear health is protected. They have the expertise and equipment required to safely remove ear wax without causing any harm. 

In between appointments, you should refrain from attempting DIY ear wax removal methods that you’ve found online or seen on social media. This includes avoiding any cotton buds, sharp objects or other makeshift tools for ear cleaning. Ultimately, most of these are not evidence-based or safe and can result in a range of problems. 

Booking Ear Wax Removal in Brentwood

While ear wax removal is a routine procedure, it’s important to approach it with caution. If you live in Blackmore and need assistance with professional ear wax removal, contact us at The Hearing Hub today. We can assure you that you will be in very capable hands with our audiologists and we have several years of experience assisting people who are experiencing symptoms of ear wax removal. At our Brentwood clinic, we charge £65 for ear wax removal in both ears and you can easily book an appointment via our website today.