Ear syringing is a common ear wax removal method that has been used by audiologists for many years now. It involves using a gentle pumping of water to flush ear wax blockages out of the ear canal and it can be a very effective solution, especially for stubborn or compacted ear wax. While ear syringing is effective, preparing for the procedure with ear drops can significantly enhance its safety and effectiveness.

Here at The Hearing Hub, all of our audiologists are fully trained in all methods of ear wax removal, including ear syringing and we can assist you with your ear health. If you need assistance with ear wax build-up in the Wickford area, we have two local clinics to choose from. Whether you visit our Billericay clinic or Benfleet clinic, we will examine the potential build-up of ear wax to decide the best treatment method. Below we have looked into why using ear drops before ear syringing is beneficial, as recommended by professionals at The Hearing Hub.

Soften the Ear Wax

The main benefit of ear drops before ear syringing is softening the ear wax. Hard or impacted wax can be more difficult and sometimes more painful to remove. Using some simple olive oil drops for at least two days before your appointment will help to soften the build-up of wax in your ears, making it easier to remove. The softening reduces the amount of force required during syringing, which can have a knock-on effect on how comfortable the procedure is. At The Hearing Hub, we recommend Earol Olive Oil spray for general softening.

Enhance the Effectiveness of Ear Syringing

When ear wax has been softened before your appointment, ear syringing becomes much more effective. It’s likely that audiologists will be able to clear the blockages in your ears in a single appointment when the wax is soft, reducing the need for repeat procedures or other methods like instrumentation. This efficiency is not only more convenient for patients but also reduces the exposure to potential risks associated with multiple ear wax removal sessions.

Reduce the Risks of Trauma

Using ear drops before syringing helps to reduce the risk of trauma to the ear canal and eardrum. Hard wax can cling to the delicate skin of the inner ear and forceful removal without softening can sometimes lead to abrasions or even perforations. Softened wax tends to move more freely, allowing for a gentler and safer removal process.

Prevent Infections

Following on from the above, injuries to the ear canal can be entry points for bacteria, potentially leading to infections. By minimising trauma by using ear drops, the risk of developing an ear infection post-syringing is also reduced. Not to mention, some ear drops even have antiseptic properties that can help maintain a clean environment within the ear canal.

Increase Comfort

When you use ear drops for a few days before your appointment with an audiologist, it can improve your comfort during the ear syringing process. An audiologist will perform syringing slowly and take things at your own pace, but removing softened wax is generally a less invasive and less uncomfortable experience. Patients are typically less apprehensive about undergoing ear syringing in the future when they have a positive experience the first time around.

Improve Long-Term Ear Health

Even after an ear syringing appointment, an audiologist may recommend that you continue using ear drops. Regular use of olive oil drops, especially if you’re prone to excessive wax build-up can help maintain the natural flow of ear wax and prevent future blockages. This proactive approach to ear health can reduce the likelihood of ear syringing being required, contributing to long-term ear health and good hearing. 

Booking Ear Syringing Near Wickford

Using ear drops before ear syringing is a simple yet effective way to enhance the safety, effectiveness and comfort of the procedure. At The Hearing Hub, we recommend that our patients use Earol Olive Oil spray before their appointment and if you have any questions about the suitability of these ear drops, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can provide some tailored advice to ensure the syringing process is as smooth and beneficial as possible for you.

If you’re considering ear syringing in Billericay or Benfleet, or you have been advised to have professional wax removal, remember that a little bit of preparation with ear drops can make a significant difference. You can book an appointment at any of our clinics knowing that our team will ensure your ear syringing experience is positive and effective.