Our ears naturally produce a healthy amount of ear wax, which is there to protect, moisturise and prevent dry ears. But sometimes, our ears can build up an excessive amount of wax which can cause us a wide range of problems such as hearing loss, pain, Tinnitus, and a feeling of fullness. The Hearing Hub have put together a short post outlining just some of the potential dangers that excessive ear wax can bring. 

We are specialists in ears and hearing, providing our clients with a wide range of effective ear wax removal techniques. We have a wide range of clinics throughout London and Essex, as well as our brand-new clinic in Slough. If you’d like to learn more about some of the potential dangers that excessive ear wax can bring, visit our website for further information about Microsuction ear wax removal in Slough. 

  1. Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is just one of the symptoms of ear wax build up and is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. If your excessive ear wax isn’t removed from your ears, this can cause further problems and potentially even result in permanent hearing loss. If you are experiencing hearing loss, then this could be a potential sign of an ear-wax build up. Whatever you do, do not attempt to clean your ears by yourself with a cotton bud as this can make the issue worse. 

  1. Severe Ear Aches

Ear wax build up can also cause you to experience severe ear aches, which can be very uncomfortable and distressing. Ear aches can also lead to ear infections, which can happen if you leave the excessive ear wax inside your ear canal without having it removed. If you have a persistent earache that doesn’t seem to go away, it could be a potential sign that you have an excessive build up of earwax in your ears.

  1. Tinnitus

Another danger that excessive ear wax can bring is Tinnitus – which is where you hear ringing, buzzing or humming sounds in your ears without an external source of the noises. It might be present in one ear, or in both and be either subtle or overwhelming depending on the person and the severity of the ear wax build up. Even a small amount of wax built up on your ear drum can result in Tinnitus, and it can be a very irritating symptom to experience. 

Clear Your Excessive Ear Wax at The Hearing Hub

If you think that you could benefit from Microsuction ear wax removal, why not book your appointment at The Hearing Hub? We provide clients with a number of safe and effective ear wax removal techniques, to have their ears feeling clean, clear and comfortable. Our brand new Slough clinic has recently opened, where we specialise in a number of ear wax removal techniques, including Microsuction, Irrigation and Instrumentation. Microsuction is generally accepted to be the safest and most effective method for ear wax removal, and is our go-to here at our clinics.

Microsuction uses a gentle suction device to remove ear wax blockages, making it a pain free and quick procedure. All of our Microsuction ear wax removal procedures are carried out by our professional, dedicated audiologists who have many years of experience removing our clients ear wax. 

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If you think that you have a potential buildup of excessive ear wax in your ears and would like to book a Microsuction appointment with us, you can do so via our website. You can use our Online Booking Tool to schedule your appointment for a date and time that suits you best, and our audiologists will have your ears feeling clean and clear again in no time.
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