Been searching for a clinic that specialises in precise and safe ear wax removal near Chafford Hundred? If this has been the case, and you’ve been struggling to find a suitable clinic, then The Hearing Hub is the place you need to visit. We operate a Grays-based clinic which is ideally suited to individuals living in the Chafford Hundred area. 

Our group of certified and experienced audiologists can use a number of treatments such as microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation to resolve your ear wax blockage and help you hear normally again. To schedule an appointment at our Grays clinic, please make a booking via the online system on our website. 

What Does Our Service Involve?

At The Hearing Hub, we have a team of audiologists who provide ear wax removal near Chafford Hundred at our Grays-based clinic. Our trained team can use a variety of methods to rectify your ear wax congestion and alleviate any discomfort or irritation you’re currently experiencing. Our techniques include microsuction, ear irrigation (ear syringing) and instrumentation. 

Initially, we will use microsuction techniques as this is the gold standard of removal methods. However, if the ear wax obstruction is stubborn, then we will revert to ear irrigation or instrumentation according to your specific needs. Throughout our time in the sector, we’ve seen hundreds of individuals, so you can expect a premier service from the time you walk into our clinic to the time you leave. 

An appointment typically lasts somewhere between 10-30 minutes, so it’s highly convenient. You can book into our clinic during your lunch break, or after work – we’ve got adequate availability. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Many clinics charge high prices for ear wax removal near Chafford Hundred; but at The Hearing Hub, we offer competitive, affordable quotes that make getting your ear wax discomfort treated great value for your money. 

Prices for our Grays location start at £65 for ear wax removal. If no wax is located, we’ll charge a £20 consultation fee which covers the entire cost of the examination, medical advice and a report to your GP if required. In addition, we charge £80 for removal of a foreign body. To book your appointment, contact us today. 

Got An Ear Wax Build-Up You’d Like Treated?

If you are searching for professional ear wax removal near Chafford Hundred, then The Hearing Hub has a nearby clinic in Grays that is ideal for relieving your discomfort and irritation. To book an appointment for ear wax removal at our Grays clinic, please use the online booking form on our website and choose a time and date that suits your schedule. 

Should you wish to ask our specialists any questions, please feel free to ring us on 0330 111 9994. We can answer any questions you have, and provide you with additional details about our ear wax removal treatments. Alternatively, please send us a message directly via the contact form on our website.