Want to get Microsuction treatment in Brentwood? If this is the case, then The Hearing Hub is the number one clinic to come to. We are locally-based ear cleaning experts, who can resolve your pain and discomfort resulting from an ear wax build-up. Our team of specialists will provide a safe, reliable and effective solution that gets the very best results possible. 

Every time you attend our Brentwood-situated clinic, you will have a pleasant time under the care of our knowledgeable, welcoming and approachable experts. Our audiologists are trained and qualified in removing ear wax, so you can expect excellent service from beginning to end. To learn more about our microsuction in Brentwood, visit our website today or get in touch with us today. 

What is Microsuction?

First of all, it is worth us explaining exactly what Microsuction in Brentwood involves. This is a safe method for getting rid of ear wax, and it will get efficient and effective results. It uses gentle suction to eliminate blockages in the ear canal. This is unlike conventional ear syringing which uses water to get the final results. 

Overall, the microsuction method is easy to have, and will get great outcomes for the patient being treated. Generally, having microsuction will provide you with immediate relief and restore your full hearing back to its normal levels. If you’d like to book an appointment for microsuction in Brentwood, then use our online system and choose a date that suits your needs. 

What Does an Appointment Involve?

Should you be receiving Microsuction in Brentwood, then this will be a simple and straightforward process when you come to The Hearing Hub. We have an audiologist who will look at your ear canal through a microscope; this will enable us to get an image of the build-up in your ear. Then, once we have located the build-up, we will remove the ear wax by using a gentle device. 

All in all, the whole appointment will last anywhere between 10-30 minutes, so it’s a very quick and easy process that won’t take long at all. If we are unable to resolve the ear wax problem with microsuction, then we can also employ other techniques such as ear irrigation, and instrumentation according to your needs and requirements. To learn more about this, head over to The Hearing Hub website today. 

Book An Appointment For Microsuction

If you would like to book an appointment for Microsuction in Brentwood, then our Brentwood clinic has plenty of availability. You can choose a time and date via our website, and make your booking according to your personal preferences. Our online booking system is straightforward to use, so you can easily get an appointment. 

Should you like to contact us directly, then please feel free to call us today on 0330 111 9994 or drop us a message via the online form on our website. Our team will respond to you as soon as possible, answering any questions you have and providing you with more information.