Are your ears feeling clogged, blocked, or muffled and you’re looking for a microsuction ear wax removal procedure in Benfleet? The Hearing Hub are ear wax removal specialists, with clinics spanning across Essex and London including our Benfleet clinic for your ear wax removal needs. 

We are your local ear cleaning specialists, providing a range of services including micro suction – the gold standard of ear wax removal techniques. The Hearing Hub offers our clients a quick, safe and effective solution for removing their ear wax at affordable prices, with our procedure prices starting at just £65 at our Benfleet clinic.

Today our team has put together this short post to give you some further information on microsuction and why it is the best ear wax removal technique. If you’d like to book your microsuction appointment at The Hearing Hub in Benfleet, make sure to visit our website and use our simple easy-to-use booking tool.

What is Microsuction?

Microsuction is a highly effective and popular method of ear wax removal, that uses a small suction device to gently remove the wax out of your ears. Your audiologist will examine your ears using a binocular microscope so that they have a clear view of your ear canal and the blockage present. Microsuction is a pain-free procedure that is over in minutes, and will not cause you much discomfort at all. Your audiologist will use the microscope at the end of the procedure to check your eardrums and ensure that your blockage is gone.

Who is Microsuction Suitable For?

Microsuction is suitable for anyone suffering from an ear wax blockage, which could be caused by many reasons. Sometimes your ear wax just builds up naturally causing blockages due to excess wax production but it can also be caused by cleaning your ears using cotton buds, wearing in-ear headphones, and putting other objects into your ears. If you are suffering from a feeling of fullness in your ears, muffled sounds, partial hearing loss, earaches, or tinnitus then ear wax removal may be the solution for you.

Why is Microsuction the Best Technique?

Microsuction is well known to be the safest technique for ear wax removal, as it avoids touching the sensitive skin of your ear canal and has no contact with your eardrum. There are other methods for ear wax removal such as irrigation and syringing, however microsuction is the most gentle and effective method for most cases. 

Microsuction doesn’t involve any water being squirted into your ears, therefore causing no mess and protecting your ears from infection. Using a binocular microscope allows your audiologist to have a clear view of your inner ear and see the blockage straight away. It is also a much more comfortable and pain-free procedure than other ear wax removal methods. 

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We hope that this post has given you some further information on microsuction and why it is the gold standard for ear wax removal. If you’re interested in booking your microsuction ear wax removal appointment at The Hearing Hub in Benfleet, you can do so by visiting our website and using our easy and simple-to-use booking tool. 
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