Do you think that you would benefit from having a build-up of wax removed from your ears? Our team here at The Hearing Hub will gladly assist you further in this regard. We have a clinic that offers ear syringing in Stratford and our team of audiologists specialise in various services for effective ear wax removal. No matter what your reasons may be for wanting ear syringing services, you can trust that we are the best clinic to reach out to. 

Why turn to The Hearing Hub for ear syringing in Stratford?

When you book an appointment with us for ear syringing in our Stratford clinic, whether a build-up of wax is causing hearing loss, dizziness, itchiness or even tinnitus, we can provide you with instant relief. Our audiologists are fully trained in all methods of ear wax removal too, so in addition to being able to carry out ear syringing, they can also perform micro-suction and instrumentation. Thankfully, this means that no matter what the consistency of your wax is, they will know the best method to remove it quickly, easily and without causing any discomfort. 

Unlike other clinics that offer ear syringing in Stratford, we pride ourselves on our incredibly affordable prices too. We don’t believe that our patients should have to pay above the odds to have a build-up of wax removed safely from their ears and, for this reason, we only charge £70 for both ears. Should our audiologists find no ear wax upon their examination, you won’t be required to pay this full amount either and you will simply pay a small fee of £25 which will cover the cost of your examination, medical advice and a report to your GP if necessary.

So, you really shouldn’t put off getting your ears looked at by a professional, especially if they are causing you issues, and you can have complete peace of mind knowing that you will be in capable hands with our dedicated audiologists.

Is ear syringing all that The Hearing Hub offers?

Whilst the vast majority of patients turn to us for assistance with a build-up of wax in their ears, we do offer some additional services here at The Hearing Hub. For example, our audiologists offer free consultations for hearing aids and they have the expertise to provide the best hearing aids for anyone who is struggling to communicate with others or hear the television. They can explore all of your hearing difficulties and provide you with an individualised recommendation.

In addition to this, we also offer a range of different ear plugs too, from swim plugs and sleep plugs to musician plugs. All of our ear plugs are custom-made and our audiologists can help you to ensure that you’re investing in plugs that are able to meet all of your needs. So, it isn’t only ear syringing in Stratford that we can help with, we really do offer a number of incredibly useful services to our patients.

Book your appointment today 

If you’d like to go ahead and book an appointment for ear syringing in Stratford, feel free to get in touch with our team and we can arrange an appointment at a convenient time for you. Alternatively, you can book your own appointment via our website and this couldn’t be more straightforward to do. With plenty of different dates and times available, you shouldn’t struggle to arrange your ear syringe appointment around your schedule.