Are you in need of safe, quick and effective ear wax removal in Billericay, and are searching for a local clinic to visit? Welcome to The Hearing Hub – we are specialists in ear wax removal with a team of professional audiologists here to help with your wax blockages, and you can visit us at our specialist clinic based in Billericay. 

Our Billericay clinic is 10 minutes from Basildon and Wickford, and 5 minutes from Ingatestone and Hutton making us perfectly placed for all of your ear wax removal needs. We offer a range of ear wax removal methods here at The Hearing Hub including microsuction, irrigation, and instrumentation. 

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Ear Wax Removal Methods at The Hearing Hub

At The Hearing Hub, we offer 3 methods for ear wax removal, depending on your ear wax build-up. When you visit us for your appointment, our audiologist will examine your ears and determine which method is most suited to you and will provide you with the most effective relief. Below are our 3 ear wax removal methods. 

Our appointments typically last between 10-30 minutes and are pain-free. In most cases, we are able to remove all of your ear wax blockages in one visit, but sometimes a follow-up visit may be required to remove particularly stubborn ear wax. 

  • Microsuction

Microsuction is the gold standard method for ear wax removal, which involves using a gentle suction device to remove the ear wax out of your ears. It involves using a binocular microscope to see into your ears and is a gentle, pain-free method of ear wax removal.

  • Irrigation

Irrigation, sometimes referred to as ear syringing, involves the gentle pumping of water to flush the ear wax out of your ear canal. Water is gently pumped in at a controlled and steady state to clear the ear wax blockage.

  • Instrumentation

Instrumentation involves using a Jobson Horne probe or forceps to safely remove any ear wax close to the entrance of your ear canal. It is a gentle method and does not require any suction or water.

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