When it comes to maintaining your ear health and ensuring hearing clarity, microsuction stands out as an incredibly effective method of ear wax removal. It’s safe, comfortable and provides immediate relief, and it’s recommended by Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists. 

One common question we’re asked by our patients at The Hearing Hub is, “How often should I book microsuction ear wax removal?”. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question and the frequency differs from person to person. If you’re interested in microsuction ear wax removal in East London, the experienced team at our Canary Wharf can help you determine the ideal frequency for microsuction ear wax removal. 

Who Needs Microsuction Ear Wax Removal?

Ear wax is a natural product designed to protect the ears from water, dust, debris and bacteria. While it usually exits the ear canal naturally, sometimes, people experience a buildup of wax or have a faster production of wax, making it harder to move out of the ear. Factors such as the structure of your ear canals, age and the use of hearing aids or earplugs can influence how quickly ear wax accumulates in your ears. 

Microsuction is the gold standard method of ear wax removal and can be beneficial for a variety of patients, including those who naturally produce an excessive amount of ear wax. If you’re experiencing common symptoms of an ear wax blockage, such as discomfort, dizziness, itchiness or hearing loss, microsuction can provide quick and effective relief. 

Recommended Frequency of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Since ear wax re-accumulates over time, lots of people prefer to have their ears cleaned on a regular basis to prevent excessive buildup of wax. The recommended frequency varies significantly depending on different factors, ranging from every 3 to 12 months. Here is some general advice to help you determine the most suitable frequency for you; 

  • Every 3 Months – This is ideal for anyone with a high rate of ear wax production or who uses hearing aids, which can hinder natural wax expulsion.
  • Every 6 Months – This is suitable for people who produce a moderate amount of ear wax or experience occasional blockage symptoms.
  • Every 9 to 12 Months – This is recommended for those with minimal ear wax accumulation or as a preventive measure to maintain ear health.

Listening to Your Body

It’s important to note that this is only a general recommendation and whether or not you need regular visits will depend on your specific needs. To ensure the optimal frequency for microsuction ear wax removal, it’s always beneficial to get some tailored advice from an audiologist. Of course, if you start to notice any of the symptoms of ear wax buildup, such as decreased hearing, discomfort or dizziness, it may be time to book an appointment for microsuction, regardless of your last visit.

Booking a Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Appointment

Microsuction ear wax removal is a personalised service and the frequency of visits will differ from one person to another. By understanding your body and looking out for the signs of ear wax buildup, you can maintain optimal ear health and prevent the discomfort associated with excess wax. Here at The Hearing Hub, we can provide the expert care you need, helping you determine the best schedule for your microsuction ear wax removal appointments. 

To make arranging appointments for ear wax removal in East London as easy as possible, you can book directly via our website. Our Canary Wharf clinic is convenient to get to and you can ensure you’re not experiencing any avoidable problems with your ears. Whether you’re due for your regular cleaning or experiencing discomfort from ear wax buildup, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can turn to The Hearing Hub in confidence knowing we will ensure your ear health is managed promptly and professionally.