Earwax is there to keep our ears safe, protected and healthy and stops bacteria, germs, and dust from entering our ears. It is produced naturally by our bodies, but sometimes it can build up excessively and start to cause us annoying and frustrating issues. These issues can affect your day-to-day life and get worse over time if not handled promptly, so if you are experiencing any of them then it’s important to get your excessive ear wax removed quickly. 

Today, we have put together this post, to explore the issues that excessive ear wax can cause, helping you to identify the tell-tale signs. The Hearing Hub are specialists in ears and hearing, providing clients with the safest and most effective methods of ear wax removal from our clinics in London, Essex and Slough. Read on and for further information on our ear wax removal in Harold Hill contact us today. 

Hearing Loss

One of the most common signs of having an excessive build up of wax in your ears is hearing loss, which can happen fully or partially. Perhaps you have noticed that when having conversations with your family or friends, you’re having trouble hearing them as well as you used to. Or maybe you are finding that you’re having to turn up your TV volume higher, or that you find yourself missing parts of what people are saying. 

Hearing loss occurs when we have an earwax blockage as the ear wax has hardened and is lodged in our ear canal, which is blocking sound from entering our ears as normal. If you do not have your excess ear wax removed, this could lead to further hearing loss and potentially long term damage to your hearing.


Excessive ear wax build up in your ears can lead to uncomfortable earaches that are unexplained and you didn’t used to experience. This is because when we have excessive ear wax in our ears, the wax itself puts a lot of pressure on our ear canal and eardrum. This can irritate our nerves, and lead to pain and earaches which can be frustrating. If you do not have your ear wax build up removed, the pressure can get worse and you can end up with your earaches being more painful and uncomfortable. 

Feeling Your Ears are Blocked

A lot of people that are suffering from ear wax blockage feel like their ears are clogged or muffled, and like something is stuck in their ears. This is the time that most people tend to reach for the cotton buds to clean their ears at home, which is actually one of the worst things you can do and you should avoid doing. The blocked feeling comes from the ear wax that has hardened and is sitting inside your ear canal, and it needs to be removed by a professional. 

Suffering from Excessive Ear Wax in Harold Hill?

If you feel like you’re currently suffering from excessive ear wax and would benefit from ear wax removal, then why not visit us at The Hearing Hub today? 

For those based in Harold Hill, our clinic is in the perfect place for your ear wax removal needs. We provide our clients with a range of the safest and most effective ear wax removal techniques here at The Hearing Hub, which include Microsuction, Irrigation and Instrumentation. 

Our audiologists will use a microscope to carefully examine your ears and determine the best method of ear wax removal for you. Our ear wax removal procedures take between 10-30 minutes to complete usually, and are painless so you can get back to regular life in no time.

To book your appointment at our Harold Wood clinic, visit our website today. You can use our online booking tool to schedule your appointment for a date and time that suits your schedule best. We look forward to welcoming you at our clinic and restoring your hearing.