Getting hearing aids can have a positive impact on your everyday life and many will agree, these devices are one of the best investments you can make in your well-being. However, adjusting to new hearing aids can be a big transition and it can take some time. At The Hearing Hub, we provide comprehensive assistance to people in West Horndon with hearing problems. We have a range of clinics throughout Essex, including two locally in Billericay and Brentwood.

Whether you’re using hearing aids for the first time or upgrading to a newer model, the experience can be both exciting and challenging. In this post, we have put together some useful tips to help you adapt to life with your new hearing aids.

Get to Know Your Hearing Aids

It’s always advisable to learn how your new hearing aids work as soon as you get them. Understand the basic functions such as turning them on and off, changing the batteries or charging them, and adjusting the volume. Your audiologist will teach you about these features, but don’t hesitate to ask for repeated demonstrations or additional help if you’re struggling. It can be useful to get to grips with advanced features, such as Bluetooth connectivity or directional microphones, to enhance your experience with the devices too.

Start Slowly

When you first start wearing your hearing aids, it’s essential to give yourself time to adjust. You may want to start by only wearing them for a few hours a day in quiet environments. Then, gradually increase the duration and wear them in different environments. This approach helps your brain get used to processing sounds you might not have heard clearly for some time. Eventually, you should be able to wear your hearing aids for long periods without any problems. 

Practise Listening

To get the most out of your hearing aids, consider trying listening exercises. This can involve practising focusing on a single speaker in a loud environment or simply spending more time talking to others. Audiobooks and podcasts are also great for practising listening. Try to put yourself in environments where you can explore different sounds and volumes as you get used to wearing your hearing aids. 

Attend Follow-Up Appointments

Adjustments and follow-ups are crucial in the early stages of wearing new hearing aids. Your audiologist can help adjust your devices to better suit your hearing needs based on your feedback. Regular appointments ensure your hearing aids are functioning optimally and remain comfortable to wear. They also provide an opportunity to discuss any concerns or difficulties you are having as you adapt to the hearing aids.

Set Realistic Expectations

It’s important to have realistic expectations about what your hearing aids can do. They can significantly improve your hearing but may not restore it to ‘normal’. Some sounds may feel unnatural or overwhelming to start with because your brain isn’t used to them. Remember, it will take time and you will adjust over time to new noises in different environments. 

Use Support Resources

To help you get used to hearing aids, it can be useful to speak to others who have experienced the same thing. Use online platforms and other support resources to get some tips from people who wear hearing aids themselves. Knowing you’re not alone can be beneficial too and help you to confidently navigate this new way of life.

Be Patient and Persistent

Patience is key. It takes time to fully adjust to hearing aids and some days will be better than others. Persist through any challenges and hurdles you face, and gradually, you will find your devices become a natural part of your daily life, significantly enhancing your hearing and quality of life. Try to embrace this process with an open mind and positive attitude, this can lead to better outcomes and prevent unnecessary stress. 

Getting New Hearing Aids in Billericay or Brentwood

All in all, adjusting to new hearing aids is a journey, but one that can result in a vastly improved daily hearing experience. By following these tips, you’ll be better equipped to make this transition as smooth as possible. It’s important to remember that your audiologist is there to support you throughout the process and they will provide comprehensive aftercare. Here at The Hearing Hub, we offer a world-class service and will support you every step of the way. 

To speak to a member of our team about getting hearing aids in Billericay or Brentwood, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0330 111 9994. We will be happy to discuss your hearing needs in more detail and book you an appointment with one of our audiologists.