Are you experiencing problems that could potentially be caused by a build-up of ear wax and you’d like to book an appointment for ear wax removal in Stratford? This is something that we can assist you with here at The Hearing Hub. We are local ear cleaning specialists and we can help to immediately improve any of the symptoms you’re experiencing due to having an unnecessary amount of wax in your ears, so book an appointment with us today. 

Why is ear wax removal beneficial?

Contrary to popular belief, ear wax actually plays an important role in cleaning and protecting the ears and it isn’t a result of poor hygiene. The ears naturally produce wax to protect against things like water, dirt, bacteria and other irritants, however, sometimes the wax won’t move out of the ear as it should and it can build up. 

Unfortunately whilst ear wax isn’t harmful, for some it can cause pain and discomfort when it starts to build up, and it will need to be removed. Commonly a build-up of wax can cause hearing loss, dizziness, itchiness, infections and even tinnitus, and when you experience any of these problems, it’s time to speak to a specialist about ear wax removal in Stratford.

Here at The Hearing Hub, our expert audiologists will use a microscope to get a detailed view of your ear canal and examine the potential build-up of ear wax. They will then use the required removal methods to clear your ears for you, providing instant relief. You may find that you would benefit from having your ears cleaned on a regular basis if ear wax keeps re-accumulating and it isn’t uncommon to require ear wax removal every 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

What services does The Hearing Hub offer for ear wax removal in Stratford?

Unlike other clinics that may offer ear wax removal in Stratford, here at The Hearing Hub, all of our audiologists are trained in multiple methods of ear wax removal. Not only are they able to perform traditional methods like instrumentation and ear irrigation/ear syringing, but they can also carry out microsuction too which is considered to be the gold standard method for safely removing ear wax from the ear canal.

Upon their examination of your potential build-up of ear wax, our experienced audiologists will decide which method is best to use for the consistency of the wax. More often than not, microsuction will be used, but in some cases instrumentation or ear irrigation will be required too, and this is usually to help remove stubborn wax. 

No matter which methods are used during your ear wax removal procedure, you can trust that our team will ensure that they’re carried out to the highest standard. Our audiologists will also do all they can to make you feel comfortable during the appointment and they will always take it at your pace, so there is no one better to turn to for ear wax removal in Stratford. 

Contact The Hearing Hub today 

Should you have any questions or concerns about ear wax removal services, please feel free to get in touch with our team. You can call us on 0330 111 9994 and we will be happy to help over the phone or, alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can assure you that whenever you visit The Hearing Hub for ear wax removal in Stratford, you will be in the very best hands.