Ear blockages can be uncomfortable and sometimes, worrying. They often result in hearing problems and pain, and it’s important to reach out to an audiologist as soon as you notice a problem. While ear wax accumulation is a common culprit of blockages, it’s not always the only reason. Sometimes, foreign bodies can get stuck in the ear and it’s essential to have them removed correctly to avoid any further issues. 

In this post, we have explored some common scenarios and the appropriate interventions needed when foreign bodies become an issue. At The Hearing Hub, our audiologists are fully trained in all methods of ear wax removal and well-prepared to assist people in the Rise Park area at our Romford clinic, no matter the cause of the ear blockage. 

Understanding Ear Blockages

For lots of people, regular ear wax removal is an important part of maintaining good ear health. They will regularly book an appointment at an ear wax clinic to have their ears professionally cleaned. Methods like microsuction and ear syringing are highly effective in clearing ear wax blockages, and they can be performed regularly if required. Microsuction is favoured by experts for its precision and safety, as it gently suctions wax out of the ear canal. However, ear syringing is also still used by audiologists and it involves flushing out wax with water.

When Foreign Bodies Complicate Matters

Occasionally, ear blockages are caused by objects other than wax. Children, in particular, often insert small items into their ears like beads and toy parts. Although adults might not purposefully insert things into their ears, this doesn’t mean they’re exempt from blockages. For example, insects can occasionally find their way into the ear canal during outdoor activities. In these instances, the blockage will require a different approach. A foreign body in the ear is a delicate issue that typically requires professional removal. 

Using Instrumentation to Remove Foreign Bodies

When foreign objects are involved, ear wax removal techniques like microsuction and ear syringing may not be suitable. Instead, specialised instrumentation is often required. Audiologists can use a Jobson Horne probe or forceps to safely remove any items without causing damage to the sensitive structures in the ear. 

If you turn to us for ear wax removal in Romford and upon examination, we find a foreign body in the ear canal, we will adapt our approach to ensure a suitable method is used for the extraction. Our tools are designed specifically for use in the ear and the procedure will be performed slowly. At The Hearing Hub, we pride ourselves on providing the safe and effective removal of foreign bodies. The process is generally quick, but it requires the steady hands of an experienced audiologist to avoid complications such as infections or damage to the ear canal.

Preventing Ear Blockages with Ear Wax Removal in Romford 

While regular ear wax removal is essential for maintaining ear health, being aware of the complications foreign bodies can cause is important. Whether through microsuction or ear syringing for wax build-ups, or the careful use of instrumentation for other obstructions, getting professional help is crucial. Ensure you book an appointment with a specialist like our team at The Hearing Hub to avoid causing further damage to your ears, we can provide peace of mind and guarantee your ears receive the best care possible. 

If you suspect an ear blockage of any kind, get in touch with us for ear wax removal in Romford today. You can call us directly on 0330 111 9994 and we will be happy to help. We charge £65 for ear wax removal and £80 for the removal of a foreign body, and the appointment will typically last between 10-30 minutes. Our audiologists will use a microscope to see a detailed view of your ear canal and we can recommend the best treatment option depending on what’s found.