For many people suffering from hearing loss, hearing aids are life-changing devices. They not only enhance their ability to hear in various situations, but also improve their overall quality of life. However, like any sophisticated electronic device, people can sometimes experience problems with their hearing aids. Thankfully, most of the common problems people come across as easy to fix and you can often make a few small tweaks at home. If not, an audiologist should be able to assist you and get your hearing aids working as they should be.

Here at The Hearing Hub, we provide comprehensive aftercare to all patients who turn to us for assistance with hearing aids in Romford. Our experienced team will provide follow-up appointments and annual reviews, and these are included in your hearing aid package. You can trust you will be in excellent hands when you visit our Romford clinic for support with your hearing. Here are some of the most frequent hearing aid issues people encounter and some practical solutions to help you overcome them. 

Feedback or Whistling

One of the most common issues with hearing aids is feedback, which sounds like high-pitched whistling. This typically occurs when the hearing aid doesn’t fit properly, ear wax builds up in the ear canal or sound bounces back and is re-amplified. Check that your hearing aid is fitting as it should, you might need to visit your audiologist to have adjustments made. Also, book an appointment for ear wax removal to see if there is an issue with excessive wax build-up. 

Muffled Sound

If the sound from your hearing aid seems muffled or unclear, it could be due to a blockage in the microphone or earpiece. Alternatively, the device might not be properly calibrated to your hearing needs. Regularly clean your hearing aid, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions or ask your audiologist for some cleaning advice. If the problem continues, book a follow-up appointment with your audiologist to potentially reprogram the device to suit your current hearing levels.

Intermittent Sound

Hearing aids that cut in and out or produce intermittent sound can be incredibly frustrating. Often, these problems are caused by battery issues, dirty components or moisture damage. Try replacing the batteries with new ones to see if this resolves the issue. You can also clean the entire device to see if this helps. If the issue is moisture damage, you can need some expert support with your hearing aid to remove any internal condensation.

Physical Discomfort or Pain

Hearing aids should be comfortable to wear and if you’re experiencing any pain, it’s important to mention this to your audiologist. This could be due to improper fit, an incorrect size of ear mould or even an allergic reaction to the materials in the hearing aid. It’s important not to ignore discomfort and get some professional assistance, as if it continues it can lead to sores or infections. Your audiologist can help you explore solutions to make your device more comfortable to wear on a daily basis. 

Hearing Aid Not Working

Sometimes, a hearing aid might stop working altogether. This could be due to a variety of issues ranging from a dead battery to more serious internal faults. First, check and replace the battery to see if this helps. Ensure the device is turned on and the volume is adjusted correctly. You can also clean all visible parts of the hearing aid. If it still doesn’t work, contact your audiologist who can identify and repair more complex internal issues.

Connectivity Issues

Modern hearing aids can often connect with smartphones or other devices via Bluetooth. However, issues with pairing or maintaining a good connection can be common. Make sure your hearing aid and your smartphone or device are compatible, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for pairing devices. If you continue to experience problems, try resetting the connections or ask your audiologist for some guidance.

Investing in Quality Hearing Aids in Romford

Hopefully, the advice above will be useful if you’re experiencing problems with your hearing aids. Most common hearing aid issues can be easily resolved and our team at The Hearing Hub is here to help if you need any assistance. Ultimately, taking care of your hearing aids not only extends their life but also ensures they can effectively support your hearing needs. Our audiologists are passionate about providing dependable aftercare and we will continue to support you on your hearing aid journey, even once they’ve been fitted. 

Should you wish to book an appointment to discuss your hearing problems with our audiologists, don’t hesitate to contact our Romfort clinic on 0330 111 9994. We can arrange an initial consultation at a time that best suits your schedule.